Mixed Kids are not Prettier: Blowing Up “Hybrid Vigor”

February 28, 2010

Okay, I am a bit sick of hearing people talk about mixed folks like we’re some sort of science experiment:

A few days ago, my cousin (“E”), his girlfriend (“J”), and I (“me”) met up with a married couple that they are friends with. In this couple, the man is a white Australian man, and the woman is a Chinese woman. (*1) The guy’s a nice one, but he’s not killing it in the looks department. The woman (also quite wonderful) is average-looking. (*2) She’s pregnant.

So after we part ways, “J” (also Chinese) is excited about the baby, and she says, “I can’t wait for their baby to be born – she is going to be so beautiful. Because she is Chinese and he is a foreigner, the baby must be so pretty.”

Record-scratch. I look at her, “What?!” I don’t say it, but I’m thinking – ‘Has she looked at the father? What is wrong with people?’

Because this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this kind of thing. I hear it all the time – “mixed kids are just so pretty.” And – although I’d love to bathe in the ego-stroking that entails (an interesting counterpoint to “Asian men aren’t hot”) – I’m not having it. And before I break it down further, let me just say that I know plenty of mixed folks, and there’s not always a whole lot of “beautiful” running around (I’m sorry, but I just got to be honest here).  The few that are actually above-average? Well, the ones with the above-average parents, of course. Just like with the majority of pretty “mono-racial” children.

It doesn’t end there, though. I’ve also heard that mixed kids are “so intelligent” (mostly here in China). I’ve even been told (back in high school) that “all mixed kids are just so nice.” (*3)

When this topic gets brought up on a larger level – how beautiful and wonderful and healthy mixed kids are – we inevitably get a reference to “hybrid vigor.” In these cases, the person making the argument (wrongly) describes “hybrid vigor” as the genetic superiority of “cross-bred” animals and plants in the world. “It’s science,” they say – and people usually buy it.

Well, sorry, people – but this particular gorgeous, super-intelligent and wondrously kind mixed-race “cross-breed” has a science background. And y’all – apparently, from your mis-use of scientific understanding – don’t.

So step into my class for a second.

First-off, don’t wrongly cite Gregor Mendel and his pea-experiments as any sort of evidence – either way – of “hybrid vigor.” Yes, his cross-breeds did better than those plants he did not cross-breed, on an overall level.

But . . . uh . . . you’re missing a vital fact here: those plants that he didn’t cross-breed? He self-pollinated them. As in, they were inbred. Even closer relatives than brother and sister – because the sex cells came from the same plant. It was practically cloning. And even though lots of people like to say members of a particular “mono-racial” group “all look the same,” you’re really not all clones.

Okay, so then our faulty scientists will say, “well fine, what about with dogs and pigs and horses and sheep, etc.? Cross-breeding them increases fitness.”

Well, yes and no. First off, “hybrid vigor” actually just references the times when cross-breeding happens to increase fitness – not a fact that it always occurs. There’s another term, “outbreeding depression,” for when cross-breeding causes more problems. So, again, y’all are skipping some important details.

“But cross-breeding more often increases fitness, then.” Sure, sure. In dogs and pigs and other domestic animals, that’s true. But again – look at the comparison – those animals that do not get cross-bred: these are either “pure-bred” animals (like pugs, for instance) or “inbred” animals. We’ve talked about inbreeding (and no, I don’t think mono-racial folks are all the products of thousands of years of inbreeding), so . . .

“Pure-breeds”? Artificially, selectively-bred animals? These are animals that have been forced to breed together for many many generations to enhance some specific physical characteristics – at the cost of a lot of health problems. These are not real-world animals. Outside of the domesticated world, “pure-breeds” simply do not exist. Because, in the real world, “pure-breeds” would die out within a couple generations because of all their problems. All that remains in the natural world are cross-bred animals.

So comparing races or ethnicities to “breeds” is just lazy, and poor science. Every racial and ethnic group out there is a result of “cross-breeding.” Our human gene pool is all mixed up – because we have been (mostly) avoiding the inbreeding and artificial selection that creates domestic animals. Our DNA is more varied within any particular “racial group” than it is between them. Which then suggests that – if any of this “science” can be applied to human beings – then, perhaps, so-called “mono-racial” offspring would be more likely to have the advantage of “hybrid vigor” than multi-racial offspring.

Of course, that would also be abusing the science, but I hope you can see my point – there is no such thing as “purity” in race. Every “race” is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of inter-breeding, cross-breeding. We’ve survived as long as we have because we are not “pure.”

Mixed kids? The result of exactly the same reproductive processes and selection pressures as the rest of humanity. Flat-out. (*4) Some of us are super-hot or wondrously intelligent (or both), for sure. But, sorry, some of us just have to pull on inner beauty or wouldn’t exactly astound others with our coherence of thought (or both), as well.

Untrue “positive” stereotypes like this are just as damaging as negative ones (on a large scale). Allowing ourselves to be reduced to the equivalence of domesticated animals? Hell no. Let somebody “other” you in a “positive” way, and you’re just setting yourself up for the negative stereotypes and prejudice to follow suit – and trust me, it’s going to happen.

And, finally, for those anecdotalists out there who want to say, “but, really, all the mixed people I know really are beautiful,” I’ve got some things for you to ask yourself:

First off – are they “beautiful” simply because they’re “different” and “exotic?” That would be my first guess if they literally all are so gorgeous, in your eyes. And I don’t need to go further into that one about why that’s not okay.

Second – honestly, how many normal, everyday mixed people do you make note of? What does it take for you to even get to the point where you know for sure that we are mixed? Chances are, for us to be noticed on that level, we either have to be in the media (which is going to obviously over-represent the “hot” mixed folks), or else we just have to stand out from the backdrop of everyday life. And if we’re good-looking, that’s one way to do so.

I mean, how often do you think about or even ask some “below-average” guy or gal, “wow – you have such an interesting look, what is your racial background?” Right. You don’t. So you likely aren’t even aware of the thousands of mixed people you walked right by on the street that were not “beautiful.”

It’s Confirmation Bias, people (and if you don’t know what that is, it’s important – please look it up).

Mixed folks are great – GO US – but it’s simply not due to our genetic difference from the rest of humanity. We are not aliens; we are not dogs or other domesticated animals. We’re just another socially-defined group of people, and a force to be reckoned with – like the rest of our species.

And if you still don’t believe me . . ? Well, dang, please don’t make me be such a jerk that I have to send you photos . . .

(*1) In general, if I say “Chinese” without specifying another country of origin, then I mean born and raised in China and of Han (majority) ethnicity.

(*2) For perhaps the only time on this blog, I’m working off a general, super-shallow societal concept of physical “beauty” here, because that’s the level on which I mean to take this stereotype down. If people were talking about mixed-race folks being “beautiful” within a completely different framework for beauty, then we’d be living in a better world than we do.

(*3) Man, I thought of so many ways to disprove that last one after the fact, but – in the moment – I was too surprised to do much of anything.

(*4) This is just  common-sense, and it bothers me how people who have no idea what they’re talking about mis-read scientific findings to “prove” damaging theories like this.

(*5) And yes, I am wholly conscious of the fact that this entire post so fully falls out the way I lament we teach our kids to “argue” in my “Broken System, Part III.” Sigh . . . see what prejudice can do to a guy?





  1. I am *so* passing this along. Me and my friends talk about this all the time (usually in the framework of African-American bi/multiracial children). But it is so offensive to hear people talk about biracial children as being “more beautiful” and “stunning”.

    What it does is set up a hierarchy, wherein Blackness by itself is not beautiful. But if you mix Blackness with anything else it’ll look much better .

    Speaking as someone where my biracial father was the only one to marry a Black woman (my all uncles have children who have mothers with White, Korean, and East Indian heritage…yes, we’re Caribbean), I have plenty of photos to add to the pile of “mixed children who are very average”…or below average (sorry to the fam, but not everyone looks like Halle Berry :/)

    I once had a conversation with a very nice, Midwestern, White girl where she remarked “Asian and White babies are the cutest babies”. I was kind of shocked, she’s a very aware woman, and I was not expecting that statement from her of all people. So I asked her what she thought of just “plain” Asian babies. She said, “Oh, all babies are cute, but if you mix Asian babies with White it just brings out the best in both”. I reanalyzed my whole friendship with this woman on the spot. I was so pissed I couldn’t even respond.

    • So, you’re fataher married a black American woman? I now understand where your attitude and jealousy come from. He should have followed the example set by his brothers.

      • What is wrong with you? Learn to spell before you insult people.

    • Children are not pets to display and get judged in their “beauty”. Their are human being like all of us. And each of theh is nice. Some “anti-racist” people don’t even notice they use racist sterotypes when talking

    • All babies are cute but you shouldn’t get mad that that is her personal preference of what she finds adorable. Personally I think you are so wrong. It goes both ways. I don’t find men that are all white attractive and men that are very dark African attractive either because its less attractive to be too white or too chinky or too black. mixed people are more attractive period. Sorry everyone that didn’t get mixed! You’re just a little less evolved. Lol

      • I am so sorry to say this but all of biracial kids look alike especially black and white mixed because they all got the same curly hair same light skin same eyes and it’s not the guys that look alike it the girls I don’t get it really I just dont

    • Wow you nailed it. I notice they do that when their is one ethnic partner and one white partner. I take this as some tacit racism that white makes it all better. I have never heard this when the white partner is taken out of the mix.

      • Heterosis occurs, when the children have higher fitness (in this case, attractivity) than *both* their parents.
        So biracial children tend to look more attractive than both their parents (they are more attractive than their white parent, if any).
        Also, this happens whether or not caucasian or black parents are involved or not. I.e. both asian white and asian black mixes are more attractive than their parents.
        For example the winner of Miss Japan 2015 is a black asian mix.

        This happens also to some extant when people from different countries but the same skin color mate.

    • Definitely not true. There are some hideous Asian-White children, just like their hideous white and Asian parents. They never grow out of ugly either. I’ve seen kids from normal looking Asian and white parents turn out uglier than their parents when they grow up. Point is, this is not a beauty pageant. Do not have children AT ALL if you do not revere life with your eyes closed.

    • A very racist opinion. If you go to Asia you will hear exactly the same point of view – that mixed children are more attractive than pure bred Asian or pure white children. If you weren’t so unworldly you would also realize that their are certain characteristics which are fairly universally considered to be not very attractive – even by those that possess them – for example excessively black skin (Africans / Indians consider lighter skinned women and children to be more attractive); extremely mongoloid eyes – even the Chinese or Tibetans think that larger eyes are attractive. There are other features in this class as well.
      Finally, you will also find among black Anericans that they consider lighter skins to be more attractive than darker skins. You don’t get dating adverts in which a girl will advertise very dark skin – you will however see references to lighter skin.
      Finally I note from your picture that you consider African hair to be sufficiently unattractive to spend a fortune in time and possibly money, to have your own hair given a Asian or Caucasian look.

  2. I completely agree. As a black American with a recent white ancestor (Hi Grandma) as well as likely not recent white ancestors (Hi Slavery) this annoys the heck out of me. As the previous commenter said, in the Americas this is often used to say regular black people are not attractive/intelligent and the way to improve ourselves is “breed” out. I don’t even like to tell people about my white grandmother because any sign of intelligence or non-stereotypical behavior is then attributed to her. And for the record, most black Americans are mixed, yet you don’t see the media going on about how attractive black people are. The First Lady has a white ancestor too which the media brought up without mentioning rape cause 15 year old slave plus white owner is obviously not consensual.

    • White people look better with a little black and black people look better with a little white 😉 it goes both ways. Why would you think that this is only about blacks not looking great unless they’re mixed. Nowadays it’s about whites too. People who are all white usually look goofy and well weak and lame with icky features too

    • It would be useful to understand the basic difference between “a cause” and because, and the abbreviation ‘cos.

  3. As always, on point. I have met some very average to somewhat unattractive mixed folks just as I’ve met some great looking folks. Look at Jon Gosslein, he is ok but he’s not drop dead gorgeous guy. Nice looking people come in all shapes, sizes and “races.” I also wonder, how does it make the mixed kids who are aveage or not so hot looking feel? Do they and others, over-estimate their good looks? Or do they sort of feel a self-esteem blow like they not only have to put up with all the hard parts about being mixed race (maybe not feeling accepted fully by either side, people asking random stupid questions more than usual, people thinking their parents are not their parents, etc) but feeling like they didn’t get the often mentioned, mythical great looks too? Sort of like they feel like they get the negatives but not the benefits ? A little of both? Neither?

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  5. here from racialicious – awesome post.

    >Or do they sort of feel a self-esteem blow like they not only have to put up with all the hard parts about being mixed race […] but feeling like they didn’t get the often mentioned, mythical great looks too?

    Lisa J, I can only speak fr. my XP, but that’s what I felt like – I got a lot of flak from peers and some adults growing up, but very little of the positive attention. People also for some reason want my ethnic mix to be MORE unusual than it is: I still get asked if I’m API, Filapina, MAORI, etc. or some combo of the above, which would make sense if I were on the US West Coast, but makes less sense in the Philadelphia area. Our API populations just aren’t that high. Then the Grand Inquisitors have the nerve to be DISAPPOINTED with the reply (if I bother to reply).

    Hell, I distinctly recall back in my clubbing days being approached by a fairly cute guy (white) who asked “What ARE you?” OK – kind of rude, but I decided to play it straight and answer. Maybe he had a great comeback. Maybe he’d ask me to dance. After I told him, “Biracial – black and white,” the fool said “Oh” and WALKED AWAY. Guess he didn’t like the answer, and I wasn’t ‘cute’ enough to overcome that background.

    But then there was the fellow who didn’t bother to ask WHAT I was until he’d known me a few weeks and we’d been on at least one date, because the WHO was more important than the WHAT. Dear reader, I married him.

  6. >As a black American with a recent white ancestor (Hi Grandma) as well as likely not recent white ancestors (Hi Slavery)

    Thelady, can I borrow this construction? Because that kind of gallows humor could be useful the next time my father goes on about his Bermudan ancestors and the “Spanish prince.” [erm, yeah, great-great-granddad was tan because of the SPANISH, suuuuuure… pay no attention to that English owner, colony, or last name]

  7. @ Lyonside, borrow away. Humor is the only way to survive.

  8. Okay, so first of all. Yeah not all mixed kids are beautiful- my brother isn’t exactly what most girls would call….sexy. But on the other side, I AM good looking. My mom is Canadian and my father is from Hong Kong. And you know what? Who cares if not all of them are pretty. Are you just so self counscious that you have to rant on about how some are ugly? News flash- people who are full white or full asian, full black or whatever aren’t all good looking too. And something else which a lot of mixed kids have gone through are wanting to full of one of the halves that they are. Like me, I wish I was full white sometimes, but then I don’t know if I would have been as good looking. Mixed kids are cool, and so are people that are pure whatever- I just think this article was somewhat pointless.

    • I’m extremely late in my response but I happened upon this discussion in an internet search and to your response I must say, I AGREE, WHOLEHEARTEDLY!!! I am multi-racial and so proud. So is my husband and so obviously, so is my son. And we are all very attractive. Just saying. People should be proud of whatever and whoever they are. No need to drop insults or try and minimalize beauty of any sort to compensate for your own lack thereof.

  9. Hi,
    I just wanted to comment. First off I am mixed race and I wouldn’t say I’m beautiful or anything, but many people are very curious of my background and often ask me questions. I am definitely the average between my parents although I am quite light skinned. My sister however, looks white like my mom (whereas my dad is very dark) and no one asks her if she is mixed. People say my mix is very “exotic” and a lot of white people say they wish they had my olive skin colour –it’s a little annoying actually.

    My bf “looks” mixed race (olive skin, dark dark hair (but was blond as a child) with very light blue/grey eyes), but he is white. He has never asked me about my background. He loves me for me and doesn’t objectify me like other bfs.

    Finally, I really can’t stand when people say they are half-American or half-Canadian (unless you mean native Canadian). Canadian does NOT equal white.

  10. Being mixed I never felt like I belonged. I wasn’t Japanese. I wasn’t White. In either culture I wasn’t fully accepted. I get a variety of questions mostly from other people of color or people who are mixed because they can tell I’m something. They are just not sure what I am.

    Often times I think I can even pass, maybe in part because I don’t look very Asian. People will make derogatory comments about Asians not knowing my background. I think now the most annoying thing is when I have someone tell me that there is no way that I am Asian even after they find out or have knowledge that I am mixed. It is usually followed up by “You don’t look Japanese, you look like you are (insert race here)”.

    The point of your post is that being mixed does not necessarily make for beautiful people — which now that I think about it, my male cousin who is mixed has more similar traits to me…is definitely no prize, so what does that say about me? I think people glam up being mixed. Although some attributes of different races are not considered beautiful mono – culturally. But throw in some white and voila you are “exotic”. Interesting how society and media has shaped our influences on what beauty is. It seems as if the more white features you have is considered more attractive.
    Check out the video “A Girl Like Me”

    On the other hand, for me in particular, I have been told multiple times (by white people – go figure) that I should have a child with someone Asian because (of my looks) my child will not be “Asian enough”.

    • Amazing reply. I know this is 2 years AFTER u wrote this, but I feel like you did a great job summarizing the plight of all mixed girls and boys, not just 1 type of mixed. I am a black mother of a mixed (white and black) daughter who is 1. Already people fire offhanded comments about how she is going to be/ is so beautiful and how good her hair is…I do belive my daughter is pretty, but that is because I’m her mother and all mothers find their children beautiful. She is very pretty. Her father, my husband, is white, paler than most, but many don’t know that he is actually half native american and half Irish…he just looks white, especially with his stark blue eyes. His hair is much thicker than most whites, but most don’t notice that. My daughter has very losely curled honey brown hair and hazel eyes. She is as pale as her father. She has my facial features though (nose and full lips), her father’s eyes. I remember being slightly angry that one of my friends who is also mixed and her sister had come over and the younger mixed sister made a remark about my daughter’s hair.

      She asked me, “Is your daughter’s hair more like mine (hers is thicker more like black hair) or is it like my sisters (my friend has very losely curled thick wavy hair). I said it was more like my friends, the one with the looser hair. She said in response, “Oh, she’s got the good stuff!” and it bothered me. Did she hate her own hair??? I don’t know.

      My daughter wore her hair in the curly state right after a bath with a cute hair clip in it out a couple of days ago…Usually, I take a brush, brush through it gently, and place it in a ponytail. The hair up until the end is “straight” while the ends curl up. After baths, her hair is very curly, and we went out as I stated above. Immediately, my family made offhanded remarks about how curly and unruly it was. My younger sister has Acute Autism, but as acute might hint, she is not too far from being just as functional as a normal person. Even still, when she said when she came through the door and saw her niece, “What happened to her hair!?” I was shocked and angry. The only person who liked it was my mom, who said it was adorable and defended my daughter against the onslaught of remarks about her hair. The only reason why I even put my daughter’s hair in ponytails was because it was not even all the way around yet (short in back, long in front), and I planned on her wearing her hair curly like that. Curls/kinky hair does NOT mean unruly and nappy.

      Anyway, no, not all mixed people are beautiful. Many people comment on how beautiful my daughter is, but that does not mean everyone is going to think she is pretty. It is not right that immediately all mixed people are considered better and more beautiful. It makes those who “mixed” them in the first place seem lesser, and their entire races with it.

      I tried to put a picture up of my daughter, myself, and husband, but i couldn’t figure out how, sorry. Remember that all people can be beautiful in their own way!

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  12. To Diana
    First off you sound like you have a BIG ASS chip on your shoulder and VERY arrogant the point is not to mock wether people are ‘pretty’ or not. It’s to point on the ridiculous and often racist expectation that bi-racial kids will be the hottest thing walking and that’s not always the case. Or putting those that are on some pedastal of racialized fetishized greatness. If you can’t keep up then don’t join the race.

  13. Interacial kids can be very attractive, they obviously aren’t always. I am russian-ukrainian-french-english-polish-romanian and possibly jewish and probably more. I appear to be part jewish, half black part native or french to the random people who bring it up. I don’t look like I came from anywhere. Anyway, my mom was gorgeous, my dad was good looking, both their parents and grand parents were also good looking to gorgeous and so were my great grandparents. Light brown hair, oriental cast to my eyes, olive skin, hazel eyes, fairly tall. I get a lot of questions on my heritage, the guesses are usually quite offbase.

    It has more to do with good looking parents.

    • I am hardly surprised. Asian women have always had an inferiority complex and a perverse desire for white kids. I am being frank here, to put it bluntly.Growing up in Asia as a white guy, I’ve always hear talk from asian females; from grannies to young women in their 20s, that they want their children or grandchildren to look white. And that being said, they often look at me in wonder and objectifying me. Besides, i am not interested in race-mixing or whatsoever. I definitely want my children to be white and look like me. If i have offended any people of mixed-raced mentioned above, i apologize. But i stay firm on my opinions.

      • Your opinion sucks. Maybe what you experienced with those Asian women has led your brain to stop working, because I’m pretty sure many Asian woman along with me actually have superiority complexes because we can be so womanly or maybe you’re just so self-absorbed you can come to such a ridiculous conclusion of Asian women having an inferiority complex.

      • It’s true that there are Asian women who fancy white men, but you are delusional to presume that an Asian family would welcome a white face. I live in Japan and have been married for ten years now. My in-laws have never spoken to me and I know other white men over here who are in the same boat.

      • This must be a Japanese thing. My inlaws and extended family are Chinese and have never been anything but •extremely• welcoming.

    • As an Asian American man growing up in Germany, I have also had the same experience, but I think what you and I are experiencing more of a primordial attraction to “fresh blood”.

      In other words, I don’t think German women have an inferiority complex or a perverse desire to have Asian kids. Nevertheless, I’m believe I am presented with many more “breeding” opportunities on account of my race, which is a rarity over here.

      I don’t consider German women to be racist on this account. Nor do I consider it a morality play about right or wrong. Mating choices are a personal thing and people often do not know or cannot verbalize the reason for their choices. In my case and in my environment, I’d say it’s the “fresh blood” effect.

      • How many want to marry you and have you be the father of their children and present you around town?

  14. I don’t think avoiding “race-mixing” is any guarantee your children will look just like you. Genetics are unpredictable that way.

  15. I suspect that whites, Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese may be instinctively enthralled with each other since their birth rates are down to the point of coming extinction. Perhaps since they were the last two races to split off from each other they recognize enough in the other to begin to start seeing each other as separate ethnic groups of the same race instead of different races. It is all about perception and circumstances anyway.


  16. Our birthrates are to the point of extinction as well.
    They can’t reproduce by law, although they want to.
    A good question would be should you intentionally breed with another person (be it because of their race or not) simply to produce better looking offspring. Intentionally breeding a person who has no choice in the matter to be a certain way (permanantly) is completely unethical. It is the same as breeding cattle. Why not have sex with your sister to increase the chance that your child has blue eyes? The difference here is very little.
    Improving the chance of your child’s happiness during this life is what one should be looking for, not altering their bodies in ways that are physically pleasing to you. I have met perfectly happy ugly (physically) people and beautiful unhappy people and so has everyone else. Attempting to breed a child to be a specific way is dehumanizing, not to mention that it is YOUR taste not theirs and they may not like the result. Your child is not YOURS. You will not own that child. Your child can grow up to resent (I would) the fact that you intentionally tampered with how they looked or acted in such an infantile way. You cannot know the result of these (fairly random) actions. Scientists do not yet know that a genetic a+b=c and chances are you know even less.

  17. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/04/100414092523.htm

    Sorry you are wrong

    And dont let this stroke your ego a populations relative beauty and intellect doesnt make you any smarter or more attractive. I hate it when people confuse % of population with themselves. I have also seen a study that had mixed Jap. Caucasians having scored on average 2-3 points higher on IQ tests. Still these are percentages and only a small boost.

    I would like to make a comment how you were comparing dogs breeds to humans. I believe you may not know that humans are a severely inbred species. Compared to chimps we have a very little variation from person to person. This is believed to be caused by a great human extinction 100 thousand years ago. Think of our entire species as a single breed of dog…any variation would be helpful (also makes sense that it wouldn’t be extremely helpful due to the extreme closeness between the so called “races” of humans).

    • The human genetic bottleneck to which you refer, applies to Caucasians and mongoloid (Asians) but not Africans.

  18. Yeah, Charles that IQ boost thing doesn’t make sense. If anything, pure Asians will be more likely to have higher IQs rather than half whites/Asians if you account for social class. Richer Asian females tend to marry higher class white men and that’s probably why they seem to have 2-3 points higher.

    I don’t agree that mixed people are more attractive either.

  19. Hmmm . . . I responded to the CharlesNauck comment (by e-mail) right after he sent it, and I only just saw it didn’t post. Luckily, I found it, so here it is:

    @CharlesNauck –
    Thanks for reading and commenting – I can definitely use some folks out there to double-check my science when I’m covering these kinds of topics.

    Can you get access to the actual paper? I’m interested in reading it, but I have to say – this release doesn’t do much for me, either way. Only comparing black, white, and “mixed-race” (which I’m assuming they meant only black/white mixes)? Leaving out a GIGANTIC proportion of mixed-race peoples (in fact, a majority of mixed-race peoples), making any large claims about all of humanity a bit premature, no? Not to mention that the majority of black folks are actually “mixed-race,” themselves . . . so?

    There is just so much social conditioning regarding “attractiveness” and race in our world, meaning a “perception” of attractiveness doesn’t amount to a whole lot when folks are trying to stretch that into evolutionary “fitness.”

    That said, I’m not going to completely discount this study – since it was so absolutely massive – but I’m seeing some major holes here, and I can’t say I’m going to change my mind over the little this release indicates.

    As far as the dogs and human “inbreeding” – wasn’t aware of the theories about human extinction, but I did know how little we vary compared to other animals. However, as I said – and I believe you agree with – there is more variation WITHIN races than BETWEEN them, genetically-speaking, which then completely confounds any “hybrid vigour” theories revolving around race.

  20. Remember the story of the Fallen Angels who raped women.God told the Fallen Angels you are different race, immortals.You do not need to reproduce to continue your race. Man is mortal and he had to procreate to continue his race. So, here is the bottome line. Sex is for having children and the continuation of your race and not for sexual gratification like the Fallen Angels.God never forgave the Fallen Angels because their descendents were monsters that forced God to bring the FLOOD.

  21. It’s great that you have a background in science but you seem to be neglecting the simple fact that cross breeding is better for the gene pool overall.

    Pretty much every advancement of any species has occurred through cross breeding.

    Humans are really no different. So I applaud your soapbox rant about positive stereo types but you seem to completely overlook reality when it comes to the benefits of hybridization, which is strange considering you used the “I’m a science expert” card to begin with

  22. I’m totally with you on this. I’m mixed asian/white myself. I’m so wondering what my parents were thinking when they hooked up; I find white guys and white girls (“women” if you’re politically correct) more aesthetically pleasing.

  23. you sir, are no genius.

  24. I recently visited one of the best technical schools in the country, where a very disproportionate number of students are of East Asian and white descent. From talking with students there I got the impression that the rate of intermarriage between highly educated/smart whites and highly educated/smart East Asians was higher than normal, maybe resulting in cohort of smarter-than-average “mixed-race” children. I don’t know if this is true, but I think it raises that point that random mating (between “races” or whomever) may not (and probably does not nowadays) occur in people and so if a given trait or behavior has a genetic basis, the average measurement of the trait for a group may be different from that of the whole population … mixed-raced children may on average differ significantly from the rest of the national or global population. Just sayin’

  25. Kudos to you! You pretty much hit everything on the dot. Of course they are some good looking hapas like Daniel Henney but then there are some not so good looking hapas (ie. a kid and ALL of his siblings that I know). But look at their parents and their genes and that’s your answer. It’s like saying all asians are pretty. Um no. There are pretty asians but there are some not so pretty. It’s all in the genes. Get your biased dumb ass outta here!. PSH all mixed kids are pretty. -_-

  26. u mad?

    yeah, u mad!

  27. What the fuck was that about. Sure, some mixed kids don’t turn out “beautiful”,but Iv’e seen a lot that are. Blame your genes for your own ugliness

    • People claim that kids with parents from difference races are better because of “hyrbrid vigor,” and claim that the science supports this notion.

      The problem is not that anyone is ugly. The problem is that people are pretending that the science supports their stupid assertions. The author has science background and is capable of explaining why this isn’t true.

  28. I disagree that “every ‘race’ is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of inter-breeding, cross-breeding.” Maybe originally, yes, but what about the groups that have since isolated themselves geographically? Some groups lived in total isolation (on islands, for example) for thousands of years, completely undiscovered by other cultures. Beyond that, it seems to me that once most groups settled into agriculture, they were substantially homogeneous until quite recently.

    Also, here’s a scientific piece that says hybrid vigor probably does exist in humans: http://raceandscience.channel4.com/media/pdfs/IstItBetterToBeMixedRace.pdf. An excerpt: “So, what happens when people from different human populations marry – is this likely to bring the benefits discussed above? Yes, it probably will… both by reducing the number of gene-pairs that are broken and by increasing the number that are ‘both-good-but-different.'”

    Interesting post, but it’s a shame whenever someone “blows up” an interesting subject using almost-science and critical theory ‘tude.

  29. This type of thinking is very prevalent in the African-American community with respect to black/white biracial persons. I also think it’s BS. For one thing, many “mixed” black/whites look like one or the other. Secondly, AA have color preference for lighter individuals with straigh/wavy hair an light eyes – common mixed “race” characterstics – but not necessarily when it comes to black people. Many blacks with two black parents have these characteristics as well, my baby sister for one. I’m by necessity an anecdotalist, but I have found mixed folks to be no better looking than non-mixed folks.

  30. Got haft way through the speech and stopped reading… your little speech was great and all but the further i went through it the more i felt like you where attacking….

    No but seriously I am mixed and have noticed that Mixed people generally are more attractive…. My mom is Eurasian and my dad is black Indian and Irish… And Lets just say i look good! And i hardly get sick!

    However this is in general as i do see some ugly mixed people
    I say it depends on the genetic quality of the parents…
    HOWEVER i do agree that mixing will have a greater result of healthier children.

    Basically perhaps if to highly attractive mixed people had a baby together… and they where mixes of different races,….. they would most likely have a drop-dead gorgeous child!

    Out breeding depression has nothing to do with it….. that is when a certain member of a species haves to “settle” for a genetically inferior other….

    If people have mixed babies together its kinda obvious that “out breeding depression” was not involved

    Humans are everywhere… if a Asian chick didn’t want to breed with a white man she could easily find another Asian man…trust me she is most likely not going to “settle” for anything she doesn’t want.

    Now your little “out breeding” would be if you stuck a Mexican women on a island full of Asian men,,…. despite the fact she is attracted to other Mexican men… and even worse the Asian men be very unattractive then usual…. And then make it to where shes drop dead gorgeous….. Now you will see “out breeding depression”
    She would haft to settle for a less superior male

    Same would happen if a male was in her position surrounded by hideous women

    It doesn’t always have anything to do race

    A Beautiful white women could have a attraction to Asian men and find white men unattractive

    put her on the island of ugly white men and she to would experience
    “out breeding Depression”

    Its funny how you are so eager to battle one part of science
    but accept another….

    So now ill ask………… are you a scientist???

    Most likely not!

    Now why don’t brothers and sisters have children together?

    Ahem is it because inbreeding will bring out more genetic defects and thus create babies with genetic mutations???

    In fact the more related you are to your mate the more of a chance genetic mishaps will occur ….. Whites are more related to other whites then they are blacks!

    Blacks are more related to each other then they are to whites!

    So hey if they choose to have a child together their mixed children… the more of a chance a genetically healthy child will be born!

    If your not a scientist or have no kind of experience when it comes to genealogy please don’t try and use terms like “out breeding depression” …. OK have a great night or day folks!!!

    • Flawlessly written. I agree with every part, ESPECIALLY the first sentences. Seems very much akin to an attack…personal issues here??? I’m sensing some.

  31. good post.

    now all you have to do is write a similar one on how genetic variance explains why some Asians end up with “Caucasian” (and I use the term loosely) features and vice versa.

    keep me posted!

  32. I majored in molecular biology at a top university, and I’ve taken my fair share of genetics courses, enough to agree that you can’t say “all (or even most) mixed kids are prettier”.

    People need to stop with the bullshit.

    Simply put, it’s a lottery. That’s how genetics works.
    You cannot make a blanket statement about how mixed people are prettier.

    You have not seen enough mixed kids to make such a generalization.
    You need to rephrase your generalization to-
    “I’ve seen some mixed kids, and I think they are very pretty.”

    For every pretty mixed kid, I can find you an ugly one.

    When people say, “every mixed kid I’ve seen is pretty,” they just mean the 4 or 5 kids they know, or the 3 they saw on TV.

    Nice sample size….. /rolleyes

    All the Sports Illustrated swimsuit and Victoria Secret models are all pretty too. I should say that all whites and latinas are so pretty, right? My sample size surely beats your handful.

    Now, let’s get to some specific examples-

    Sometimes, the best traits of either parent get passed off to the child. Other times, the ugly traits get passed off, or sometimes the best traits get combined in some manner which results in an ugly child.

    It all depends on the parents’ physical traits, and CHANCE.

    Many chinese women have a flat, wide face, wide nose, prominent cheekbones, and single layered eyelids, which sometimes make them squinty. They generally do not have big breasts or a curvy ass.
    If you mate the above chinese woman with a white man, some of those white genes can get passed down, which might “correct” some of the flaws inherent in the chinese race………… resulting in a yellowish white skin, double layered eyelids, good cheekbones, tits and ass, depending on whether it runs on the white side of the family lineage.

    OR…!!!……. things could go wrong, and the child could have single layered eyelids, wide nose, plastered on daddy’s face.

    Genes do not discriminate. It’s like playing with Mr. and Mrs Potato Head. Switch the noses and eyes around, and you might have a decent looking offspring, or you may not.

    Some mixed kids are pretty, others are not.
    Some mono-racial kids are pretty, others are not.
    The ones that are pretty have the best features of both races.
    The ones that are ugly inherited the ugliest features of both races/parents.
    That is ALL you can say regarding physical appearance.

    and of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as usual.
    You may like that slanted eye on white skin, but I don’t.

    • It’s a lottery alright, but a one in ten chance is better than a one in twelve chance. Over enough samples, differences emerge.

    • Dude, you obviously don’t pay much attention to your surroundings do you? Since when are the asian traits you just stomped on flaws to be “corrected”?
      They are traits exclusive to those people, just like light coloration are white’s special traits, or the dark skin or thick lips of African descended people are their special features.

      And if you haven’t noticed, A LOT of white women have boyish figures *ahem* meaning NO tits or ass to speak of. Implants anyone?

      I’m busty as all get out but I sure as hell didn’t get it from my WHITE mother. The term “shake what your mama gave ya” definitely doesn’t apply to me.

      Get out more dude. You can’t expect to see the real world through Google images.

  33. get over it man! You are what you are, since when does people’s opinion determines who you are???

  34. Dear All,

    I have read your comments with great interest and a lot of science based, and non science based evidence has been presented in your arguments.

    Has anyone considered giving this a more socio-psycho approach? Maybe, just MAYBE we seem to be hooked on this theory that ‘mixed-race’ children are ‘prettier’ because the combinations of features presented in their looks is RARER by far to any ‘pure’ race? Think of it this way- we always aspire to a type of beauty we do not possess. Is that a fair statement? Like White men and women want a beautiful permanent tan, even though this is hardly possible in most European climates and Asian men and women prefer a fairer, lighter complexion (again incompatible with their climates), so maybe, in seeing a skin shade, or a hair type that is not so commonly found around us, we automatically give it the label of ‘beauty’, as in the case of mixed race children.

    As a possible future mum to mixed race children myself, (I am Indian, and my boyfriend is of the White variety), all I can say is, as long as they are healthy and happy it matter not a jot whether they are white or brown or something in between, because in the end they are only going to be as pretty or ugly as their mum and dad before them, and whatever genetic combinations luck pulls out of the bag for them!

  35. I hate all mutts and wish to round you all up in concentration camps for extermination. Every mutt I have ever come across is a disgusting individual and a genetic abomination. They must be purged or quarantined to keep pure races alive.

    People have been brainwashed by groups which wish to exploit and enslave us all by the weakening of the gentiles to be xenophiles and ethnomasochists. Everyone is to strive for the destruction of their unique culture & people.

    I know this is going to upset you but I’m being honest here. I hate you all and you mutts are the enemy of my people. If only you’d segregate into your own enclave and stop further contamination maybe you could be tolerated, but in the long run you only serve the close the genetic gap, and thus to slow down speciation amongst hominids.

    Miscegenation is disgusting and morally abhorrent. It’s like murder except it keeps on murdering; thousands of years of divergent evolution ruined each time a mutt is made or breeds back into its main group. Outbreeding is dysgenic but few seem to care when political correctness is around to enforce dievershitty.

    • No doubt the above comment was posted by a knuckledragging white American, possibly from the American south or midwest. You know the type: hillbillies, rednecks, the inbred and tea party members (or are they called teabaggers?)

      • No actually but I’m part of a secret society so of course I’m not telling you my alignment or anything. Death to the impure!

  36. I think in general H1 hybrid humans are better looking than their parents. That doesn’t mean they are “stunning” every time… but I have seen some very ugly/dorky White/Asian parent combos produce children who are markedly better looking than either of the ‘pure bred’ parents. Also, my cousin’s children are Black/White, the dad is no prize winner and the mom is just pretty, but all 3 kids are very nice looking (better than the parents). So, in that way I do think hybrid vigor works, but no it doesn’t make someone gorgeous every time — especially if the parents are ugly to begin with (regardless of race).

  37. You sound so exceedingly stupid you should seriously be banned from the internet.

  38. Honestly, I think we have to look at this issue from the lens of our specific culture. I don’t think that people from all cultures view mixed children as more beautiful. It is a phenomenon of the 21st century and also of America in general.

    Racism has been the source of a significant amount of conflict in this country from day 1. From this perspective, I think people view mixed children as representing racial healing, and representing the inevitable mixing which must take place in this country for us to overcome racism and feel firmly rooted in this land.

    America from its inception was a highly racially charged society, but also a society where we valued mixing. While we prized mixing among acceptable groups, we also viewed mixing with so-called non-acceptable groups with great fear. It has always been an important issue.

    I think for all non-indigenous Americans (almost all of them), there is an anxiety (conscious or not) that we are culturally and racially not rooted in this land. There is something slightly unnatural about living on land which was inhabited by brown-skinned people and at the same time looking at brown skin as somehow inferior. As well, I think it is unsustainable to try to maintain a “pure” white race and/or other pure races, when our neighbors to the south are brown and proud. It makes for awkward relations between each other and with other nations.

    Time magazine recently had a cover page titled “The Future of Us” where they made a computerized image of an “average” future American based upon trends in intermarriage and immigration. It looked like a fricking Native American Indian. Google it; I recommend it. So, in the sense that intermarriage and mixing is probably the future of this country, some people look on it as good to have children who are well-adjusted and feel like they are culturally and genetically rooted in this land.

  39. Reblogged this on AvichSays™ and commented:
    As a multiracial, future geneticist, this is right up my alley. Insightful post. Much to consider here.

  40. I need you to google 2 people:
    Daniel Henney
    Kristin Kreuk

    ’nuff said

  41. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1265949/Mixed-race-people-attractive-finds-British-study.html

    Attraction is subjective and varies from person to person, but their perceived attractiveness to other people seems to be higher. BTW, I am not mixed, but I would like to have a hot blonde wife to have kids with 🙂

  42. Very good post. I’ve been guilty of touting hybrid vigor in re to mixed race people. Evidenced by recent mixed race athletes in various events. Even used Mendel’s hybrid vigor experiments as “proof”. From now on, I’ll focus on the who someone is, rather than the what…. as wise Lyonside did in choosing a Husband.

  43. I appreciate this thought provoking post. However there is one statement that doesn’t make sense, or lacks explanation: “Our DNA is more varied within any particular “racial group” than it is between them. Which then suggests that – if any of this “science” can be applied to human beings – then, perhaps, so-called “mono-racial” offspring would be more likely to have the advantage of “hybrid vigor” than multi-racial offspring.” I also wonder why there are a disproportionate number of “hybrid”, pardon the term, world champion decathaletes?

  44. You make some good points, and I agree that not all mixed children are gorgeous. However, there is something to be said for the immune system benefits relating to immunohistocompatibility complex. Mixed offspring have a wider array of immunity genes to cash in on which may or may not play a role in attractiveness of scent and pheromones. I am personally very attracted to mixes… but maybe that’s because I am one.

  45. I generally don’t get along with mixes. I find them neurotic, grotesque and/or “average”. I’m slightly mixed. I see huge differences between races, based on nature over nurture.

    When I talk about racial purity, it’s RELATIVE. I’d call Icelanders highly homogeneous though I know they’re a mix of Norwegian and Irish, but since, they’ve been a stable breed. No doubt they’ll change, but I want to mostly preserve their unity and good characteristics.

    All else I know about hybridization is that it can reverse the consequences of bad breeding. Rarely good comes of random mixing and it’s no basis on which to sustain a population. Balance is the key.

  46. Go and speak to animal and plant breeders. Then go and speak to some vets who work in the animal breeding field.
    Then carry on convincing yourself that human-beings are not animals and don’t respond to the same genetic rules as the rest of the animal kingdom.

  47. Go ahead then and continue inbreeding. A virus may wipe you genetically homogenous human beings off the map. Mixing races has its benefits, however anything in excess will likely prove detrimental in the long-term. Have a nice day.

  48. Sounds like your just jealous to me.

    • Exactly! You got it right, poop.

  49. Restrict your flirting to your crush so they don’t get confused. Crush particles in the equipment or perhaps the regular way – inside of a big, hefty-work resealable tote. Sunglasses and a hat with a brim to block ultraviolet light can help to delay cataracts.

  50. The survival of humanity is more important than most of the BS people occupy their time with. In addition, to avoid gene pool deterioration in the future we must have interbreeding with other races. The “Mutts” often are stronger, and possess more immunities or resistences. Where you will see constant breeding into the same race or bloodline can cause various defects psychologically and physiologically. There are a number of serious illness and disease that “whole” races nearly experience exclusively. This is due to the denial of new and sufficient DNA. “Hybrid Vigor” does apply to humans. We only do humanity a disservice by denying it.

  51. Okay. So, you’re “a bit sick of hearing people talk about mixed folks.” Honestly though, would gathering a bunch of photos of people that you personally consider to be unattractive be a very scientific or even objective and open minded way to prove, disprove or even totally negate the often (but of course, not always) clearly positive aspects of heterosis? Doubtful. Even the title of this blog entry (“Mixed Kids are not Prettier”) is clearly and blatantly BIASED. And bias does not sound scientific theory make.

    • I work with animal genetics. It is well established that crossing of animals that are distantly related leads to animals that are immunologically stronger, and physically larger than the two parents. If the animals are more attractive is a slightly different issue, but as there seems to be an association between beauty and varied immune systems in humans, it is at least probable that mixed race humans are more attractive.

      • Agreed. And very well stated, too.

  52. who ever wrote this journal entry, should be fucked in the ass till death and spit on.

    your fucking ugly…

    • You language and your grammar reflect poorly on your level of education. Please look up the differences between your, you’re and you are. You might also try looking up the past tense of the verb ‘to spit’.

      • Agree… such posts are better ignored or deleted. Someone, sadly, has issues.

  53. Look, we are all of mixed breed unless you are completely archaic African. Everybody has 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal or Denisovian in them. Up to 40% of the Neanderthal DNA survives, spread among the people with as little as 1%. We are about 98% African anyway. The people I feel sorry for is the Oriental lost in a crowd. “Oh, he about same height, same weight, got same eyes and hair like eveyone.”

  54. There’s several reasons mixed race can be advantage. Children get to experience and learn about more than one culture- which they come from, unlike single raced children. The perspective comes from more than one place. Makes for a open minded human. Of course all the bad genes are passed on to tho can be dormant and pop up anytime. So can good stuff too… I am mixed race of many many origins- Hawaiian Chinese English Portuguese Polish Irish French Tahitian Swedish Norwegian. No joke we have documentation of it all. I was born in Hawaii and my ancestors had all been there since early 1800’s except Polish which my Great grandmother Siminski was from California at time met great.grandad.

  55. Get off your high horse!

  56. You don’t have mixed kids. In fact you’re probably an example of the opposite of the superiority of Hybrid Vigour: an in bred, red neck, trailer park hick.

    And if you ever needed to prove the superiority of Hybrid Vigour, then just a glance at the image of that diametrically opposed in-bred trailer park hick is all you need…

  57. In the largest study of its kind Dr Michael Lewis of Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, collected a random sample of 1205 black, white, and mixed-race faces.
    Related Articles
    Illusion of control
    Familiarity increases liking
    Intelligence quotient
    Each face was then rated for their perceived attractiveness to others — with mixed-race faces, on average, being perceived as being more attractive.
    Dr Lewis, who will present his findings to the British Psychological Society’s annual meeting (April 14) said: “Previous, small scale, studies have suggested that people of mixed race are perceived as being more attractive than non-mixed-race people. This study was an attempt to put this to the wider test.
    “A random sample of black, white, and mixed-race faces was collected and rated for their perceived attractiveness. There was a small but highly significant effect, with mixed-race faces, on average, being perceived as more attractive.”
    The study could also have wider implications than just attractiveness.
    First established by Darwin in 1876, heterosis (or hybrid vigour) is a biological phenomenon that predicts that cross-breeding leads to offspring that are genetically fitter than their parents.
    As heterosis is considered to be a universal biological effect, it is possible that humans are also subject to its influence and helps explain why mixed-race people appear more attractive.
    Dr Lewis added: “The results appear to confirm that people whose genetic backgrounds are more diverse are, on average, perceived as more attractive than those whose backgrounds are less diverse. This can be taken as evidence for heterosis among human population groups.
    “There is evidence, albeit anecdotal, that the impact of heterosis goes beyond just attractiveness. This comes from the observation that, although mixed-race people make up a small proportion of the population, they are over-represented at the top level of a number of meritocratic professions like acting with Halle Berry, Formula 1 racing with Lewis Hamilton; and, of course, politics with Barack Obama.”

  58. “(*2) For perhaps the only time on this blog, I’m working off a general, super-shallow societal concept of physical “beauty” here, because that’s the level on which I mean to take this stereotype down. If people were talking about mixed-race folks being “beautiful” within a completely different framework for beauty, then we’d be living in a better world than we do.”

    A better world because they were using a different framework, or because they were calling them “beautiful” within that framework? As if it’s the latter, it would STILL be stereotyping. A better world would be one where we assigned NO stereotyped traits to “racial” (or other) groups.

  59. Shut up inferior insecure people. We the mixed are much better looking and definitely more superior. I mean look at me then look at all of you. We secretly find your kind disgusting but sleep with you anyways because we are so few. But most of us prefer to not have offspring than lower the superiority of our genes. Funny how most of you believe we are white. Suckers. Keeps sucking our cocks. We love your stupid brains. You are so easy to manipulate.

  60. I must say u sound biased despite your reasoning. Is there a particular reason for ur bias? Upbringing?

  61. I can respect the fact you get tired of hearing the same shtick about hybrid Vigor/ biracial kids, but your science background isn’t as strong as you think. Though most people who say these things don’t understand it better than you do that doesn’t make it wrong. Hybrid vigor works like this: when an exogamous union between two organisms result in offspring the likely hood of recessive genes being expressed in the offspring diminishes. When siblings and first cousins procreate the chance of recessive genes and disorders is almost guaranteed on the other hand if two people from two different continents, or what we might call races or ethnicities, if they procreate the chance of recessive genes will be expressed becomes almost impossible the farther removed the populations are from each other. This type of hybrid vigor is inherent in hybridization regardless of the intent of the breeders so it’s not really true what people say when they imply all kinds of good genes suddenly appear in hybrids, rather it’s the common bad genes are eliminated. So when you say all Chinese people breeding within their people is equal to a biracial reproduction that isn’t exactly true. But China is so vast and varied genetically it also cannot be considered inbreeding by any means.

    Read some Darwin y’all this has nothing to do with Mendel.

  62. Excellent article. Pretty much covers the bases.

    What I had figured out on my own is that, if it were true that mixed-race people are better-looking, it’s a funny example of hybrid vigor; seems like vigorous hybrids should be taller, or healthier, or something like that.

    I think there are two explanations for the supposed phenomenon:
    1) when you see a good-looking mixed person, you notice it, especially because the mixed people look unusual, as well as pretty.
    If you see a beautiful person who’s pure black, or white, or whatever, you don’t say, hmm, purebreds are beautiful. Or if you see an ugly person who’s mixed, or not mixed, that’s not so interesting either.
    The good-looking “exotics” get noticed, the plain or ugly ones not so much, the “purebred” beauties get noticed for beauty, but not as proof of any theory about racial purity.
    2) There’s a tendency to prefer people who belong to your own race, or more precisely the race you’re most used to seeing, which in most cases is your own. Some of us certainly can admire beautiful people of other types, but this general tendency does exist. Like for instance, white people tend not to like really dark skin, or big lips and big booties (though we’re learning! Some of us at least.). But if you see someone who has just a taste of the features of another race, so they’re not too far outside of the standards you’re used to, just a touch of strange, that’s what we call “exotic”.

  63. To summarize: “waaah, waaah, waaah, science, waaah, waaah, waaah”

    Sry, hybrid vigor is real

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