Going Home?

March 17, 2009

I’m in Hawaii right now. Honolulu. It’s my Spring Break, and I needed a break from Portland, big-time. Done with the weather. Tired from work. Needing some color (in my own skin and outside of it) badly.

So I’m here. Which precludes me writing a full-on post before I get back on Sunday, but let’s just say I have a lot to write when I get back (about Native Hawaiians vs. others; blending in; and more). Just wanted to let you all know not to worry, I’m doing great.

When I went through security to fly out here, the Filipino attendant with Hawaiian airlines asked me, “You going home?” And I almost said, “yes.” God it feels good to look like other people . . .

More to come soon.

Until then, I’m going to go eat me some real Korean food.



  1. Yeah… it gets old being “The One”.

    But Hawaii is nice, I went to BYU on the North Shore in Laie.
    Watch out for the sun. After years in Portland, your skin might not be use to tanning.

  2. ohh, I’m jealous and look forward to your posts on life in Hawaii. Hope you are having a WONDERFUL time.

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